• Empowering the next generation of Arizona entrepreneurs.


    StartupAZ exists to inspire connectivity and generosity among Arizona’s most innovative young companies; helping them grow and give back.

  • WHAT

    The StartupAZ Foundation is a component fund of the Arizona Community Foundation, (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization).


    StartupAZ focuses on three core pillars:


    Establish the connective tissue required for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive.


    Bridge Arizona’s prosperous past with the capital requirements needed to grow a more diverse and resilient economy for the future.


    Align the collective of education and workforce development efforts to supply the needs of Arizona’s growing economy.

  • WHY, Arizona  

    Arizona consistently outpaces most of the nation in relocation, ranking 5th in population growth in 2014. Why? Because Arizona remains one of the best places to live, work and play—making it an ideal place to start and grow a company. Cost of living, infrastructure and access to talent and resources continue to drive exploration and innovation in new technologies, services and products that, in turn, drive our economy and create jobs.

  • Team

    Mario Martinez II

    Co-Founder / Chairman

    Brandon Clarke

    Co-Founder / Director

    Mallory Hutchison

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Christie Simmons

    Facilitator, Founders Collective

    Brad Jannenga

    Founding Board Member

    Steve Seleznow

    Founding Board Member

    Sarah Strunk

    Board Member

    John Graham

    Board Member

    Jacky Alling

    Board Member

    Tom Curzon

    Board Member / Chairman Founders Collective Committee

    Daniel Valenzuela

    Board Member

  • StartupAZ Foundation is made possible by these generous organizations.

  • Introducing: Founders Collective

    Where entrepreneurs combine their talent, network, and resources to help each other achieve success in growing their companies and creating a lasting impact in the community.


  • The world's most generous community for entrepreneurs

    #yesphx is a unifying banner for Arizona's diverse startup ecosystem, 100% community-owned, bootstrapped, and yours to help lead.

  • #Generosity: Giving back... to move forward.

    StartupAZ Foundation is driven to inspire connectivity and generosity among Arizona’s most innovative companies; helping them grow and give back by establishing a set of values that resonate with the founders, employees, advisors, and investors. The Foundation is a proud affiliate of the Global Pledge 1% initiative, which inspires corporate philanthropy and the act of giving back to the local community. By partnering with Pledge 1%, Arizona founders can join the founders of companies like Yelp, Atlassian, Salesforce, and Box and continuing to build generosity into the DNA of the community.


  • Be In Good Company

    Arizona based companies that have taken the pledge.

  • Contact Us

    StartupAZ @ Galvanize PHX
    515 E Grant Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • FAQ

    What is the mission and purpose of the StartupAZ Foundation?

    StartupAZ Foundation is component fund of the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF), a public charity, qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation exists to empower a stronger statewide ecosystem for high-growth companies to scale; catalyzing Arizona's new economy rooted in technology and innovation.

    What is Pledge 1% initiative?

    At its core, StartupAZ is about inspiring connectivity and generosity among Arizona’s most innovative companies; helping them grow and give back. As a proud affiliate of the global Pledge 1% initiative, we aim to inspire early-stage philanthropy and community engagement while maintaining the long-term sustainability of the Foundation. For more information, visit pledge1percent.org.

    How do I pledge?

    You can start the process by completing this pledge form. The next steps include making your allocations and certifying your pledge with a commitment form (revenue or personal equity) or a warrant (company equity). You may elect to allocate your pledge to other causes or nonprofits, in addition to the StartupAZ Foundation. We can help you with those elections.

    Do you accept donations, and how are they different than pledges?

    Yes, the Foundation accepts both one-time and recurring donations. You may donate online by going here.


    Your equity pledge, however, is a long-term commitment that will recuperate once you or your company has a liquidity event. Revenue pledges are reported and paid quarterly or annually, at your preference.

    How do I request a grant or sponsorship from StartupAZ?

    Connect with the Foundation here to request support for your upcoming grant or event.

  • Donate

    Please use the form below to make a one time gift to StartupAZ Foundation.