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    Career Opportunities with StartupAZ

    Project Manager

    StartupAZ seeks to hire a proven project manager with a bias for action and collaboration to help drive the organization’s mission forward. This position will be guided by the CEO and will be responsible for managing, refining, and implementing new systems, projects, and core programs that align with StartupAZ’s strategic priorities and perpetuating the Flywheel (Effect) Framework. The PM will also function as a scout, identifying new opportunities, partnerships, and systems that enhance and amplify StartupAZ’s mission. An ideal candidate will be a mission-driven force multiplier bringing operational excellence across a portfolio of projects and initiatives.



    StartupAZ Collective (40%) SC is StartupAZ’s signature initiative which aims to increase the success rate and growth of the region’s highest potential startup companies. Once recruited to join SC, cohorts of Founders/CEO’s make a one-year commitment, kicked-off with the SC Retreat and followed by monthly peer-to-peer accountability check-ins. The retreat and monthly check-ins are built on candor and trust, and designed to keep leaders accountable for their key performance indicators (KPI’s) while swarming around challenges and opportunities individual leaders face. Learn more about SC 

    The PM will be responsible for:

    ● Providing logistical support for monthly check-in sessions, assisting the cohort facilitator in scheduling Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Founder in Residence (FIR) participants, and work with StartupAZ’s admin assistant to coordinate meals, facilities, etc.

    ● Maintaining the database of FIR’s and SME’s and gather feedback from SC members and/or facilitators on their quality and value

    ● Supporting the SC recruiting pipeline by managing the database of potential members and assisting in the annual recruitment and interviewing process

    ● Maintaining the SC Performance dashboard including new member onboarding, resource directory maintenance and overall platform refinement and feature development

    ● Assisting in the planning and execution of the annual SC Retreat and SC Holiday party


    Generosity Pledge (35%)


    StartupAZ Foundation is driven to inspire generosity and philanthropy among Arizona’s most innovative companies by helping them establish a set of core values that resonates with the company's founders, employees, advisors, investors, and customers. By taking the Generosity Pledge, leaders will be joining a community of startups building generosity and corporate philanthropy into the DNA of their companies. Learn more about the Generosity Pledge


    The PM will be responsible for:

    ● Maintaining the Generosity Pledge process and streamline onboarding where possible

    ● Supporting the development of the Generosity Tracking Portal product roadmap and product development

    ● Scouting partners and initiatives that elevate the spirit and essential value of inspired Generosity and corporate philanthropy

    Stakeholder Support (25%) 

    Engaging, supporting and developing our stakeholders is central to StartupAZ fulfilling its mission. The PM will be responsible for a series of activities, events, and programs that keep our stakeholders engaged with a superior user experience.

    ● TeamAZ Dinners: Work with the CEO and PR/marketing team to develop quarterly themes and help plan and execute the dinners

    ● Community Grants/Sponsorship: StartupAZ maintains a small budget to support and sponsor local community events and programs that help elevate mission-aligned organizations. The PM will help assess and evaluate sponsorship opportunities and community involvement, following existing approval protocols and budgets.

    ● Ecosystem development activities: Scout regional needs and align StartupAZ with like minded organizations to enhance the Ecosystem Funnel

    ● Advisory and Governing Board: Assist the CEO with quarterly progress reports for board meetings


    Minimum Qualifications

    Bachelor's degree and 3 years related experience in project management, or any equivalent combination of experience and /or education from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been achieved.

    Work Environment

    Candidate must reside in the metro Phoenix region but is otherwise free to perform job functions at a venue of their choice. A membership to Galvanize is available and routine in person stand-up meetings and strategy sessions required - pending COVID-19 protocols.


    Salary DOE


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