• The Generosity Pledge: Giving back... to move forward.

    StartupAZ Foundation is driven to inspire connectivity and generosity among Arizona’s most innovative companies by helping them establish a set of core values that resonate with the company's founders, employees, advisors, investors, and customers. By taking the Generosity Pledge, you will be joining a community of startups building generosity and corporate philanthropy into the DNA of their companies.


    "In a rapidly changing world, companies that prevail will be the ones not solely concerned with their profit at any cost. Our pledge was driven out of a sense of responsibility to the ecosystem at large and in an effort to demonstrate the generosity and civic-minded nature we would like to see in others."


    Brad Jannenga

    Founder & Chairman / CHASSI

    Co-Founder / WebPT


  • Be In Good Company

    Arizona based startups and venture firms that have taken the pledge.

  • Ready to take the Generosity Pledge?


    Take the Pledge

    Start by completing the Generosity Pledge On-Boarding form.



    Upon submitting the form you will receive access to the Generosity Pledge Packet, including the Why Pledge? deck to help you build consensus among your founding team, board, investors, etc. Taking the Generosity Pledge should be a collaborative decision.


    Pledge Allocation

    Once you're ready, a Generosity Pledge Allocation form will be sent for you to complete. The allocation form will direct StartupAZ on how you want future proceeds distributed.


    Go Build!

    Now it's about building a great company with generosity built into the DNA. If you have designated time and product as part of your pledge, stay tuned for opportunities to support the community via your pledge. Periodically we will send you volunteer opportunities and other ways to engage. Or let us know about your acts of generosity.